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GATE Topicwise Previous Years Solved Questions [2000 to 2022]


For a GATE aspirant, it is very important to solve previous years questions along with completion of syllabus. Although GATE Previous Years Question Papers are already available on official website, but the solutions are rare to find. Also it is highly recommended that instead of solving the complete question paper, an aspirant must solve questions Topicwise. This will ensure that he/she will cover all the types of questions asked from the same topic in previous years of GATE exam.

We at All 'Bout Chemistry are providing a complete solution for Previous Years Questions.

NOTE: This is an e-Book that means it is a PDF File

The e-Book contains questions from previous years, starting from GATE 2000 to GATE 2023. The topics covered in the eBook are as follows:
  1. AROMATICITY                                                       
  2. STEREOCHEMISTRY                                             
  3. HETEROCYCLIC REACTIONS                                
  4. REAGENTS & NAME REACTIONS                        
  5. PERICYCLIC REACTIONS                                      
  6. PHOTOCHEMICAL REACTIONS                            
  7. REACTION MECHANISM                                      
  9. COORDINATION COMPOUNDS                            
  10. CHEMICAL BONDING                                           
  11. NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY                                          
  12. ORGANOMETALLIC COMPOUNDS                        
  13. BIO-INORGANIC CHEMISTRY                                 
  14. F-BLOCK ELEMENTS                                            
  15. MAIN GROUP ELEMENTS            
  16. SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY                                   
  17. CHEMICAL KINETICS                                           
  18. ELECTROCHEMISTRY                                   
  19. SURFACE CHEMISTRY                                           
  20. CHEMICAL THERMODYNAMICS                          
  21. STATISTICAL THERMODYNAMICS                        
  22. MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY                              
  23. GROUP THEORY                                                    


Total of 613 pages in the PDF covers more than 1000 questions from previous GATE Exam.

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