Saturday, June 17

Noorul Huda

CSIR NET Dec 2022/June 2023: Question Paper with Solution

Greetings, aspiring CSIR NET candidates and science enthusiasts! Through this post, we are providing CSIR NET Dec 2022/June 2023 Exam Question paper. Not only are we providing you with the complete question paper, but we're taking it a step further by providing comprehensive video solutions. This dynamic combination will help you analyse your performance, understand the reasoning behind each answer, and enhance your preparation strategy.

We believe that the availability of the CSIR NET Dec 2022/June 2023 question paper with video solutions will revolutionise your preparation journey. It offers a comprehensive and interactive approach, enabling you to grasp concepts more effectively, fine-tune your problem-solving techniques, and build the confidence needed to excel in the actual exam.

Remember, success in the CSIR NET examination requires dedication, perseverance, and strategic preparation. Leverage the question paper and video solutions to unlock your full potential and pave the way for a successful CSIR NET journey.

Best of luck to all the aspiring candidates! May your hard work and determination propel you towards excellence in the CSIR NET examination.

Question Paper

Note: The availability of the CSIR NET question paper and video solutions may vary. Please ensure to check with the official CSIR NET website or authorized sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Video Solution:

Detailed Solution of Aptitude (Part-A) Questions


Detailed Solution of All Physical Chemistry (Part-B) Questions 

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Thursday, April 6

Noorul Huda

CSIR NET: Topicwise PYQs with Detailed Solutions (from CSIR June 2011 to Sep 2022)

 For an aspirant who is preparing for CSIR-NTA NET exam, it is very important to practice questions, particularly previous year questions. This will not only make the aspirant understand how questions are asked in the exam, but also it will give him/her enough confidence to face questions in the exam.

Although unsolved question papers are available on the official websites of CSIR and NTA, but detailed solutions are difficult to get. 

We have worked on this problem and after our tireless effort and dedication, we brought up CSIR NET Previous Year Papers with detailed solutions. Not only this, we have also segregated questions topicwise and unitwise/chaperwise.

You can purchase a copy of these ebooks by clicking on the image below:

NOTE: These are e-Books, once you make your purchase, you can download the file. (NO HARD COPY OF THESE FILES WILL BE PROVIDED)

for any queries, you can write us at:

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Wednesday, January 4

Noorul Huda

GATE Topicwise Previous Years Solved Questions [2000 to 2022]


For a GATE aspirant, it is very important to solve previous years questions along with completion of syllabus. Although GATE Previous Years Question Papers are already available on official website, but the solutions are rare to find. Also it is highly recommended that instead of solving the complete question paper, an aspirant must solve questions Topicwise. This will ensure that he/she will cover all the types of questions asked from the same topic in previous years of GATE exam.

We at All 'Bout Chemistry are providing a complete solution for Previous Years Questions.

NOTE: This is an e-Book that means it is a PDF File

The e-Book contains questions from previous years, starting from GATE 2000 to GATE 2023. The topics covered in the eBook are as follows:
  1. AROMATICITY                                                       
  2. STEREOCHEMISTRY                                             
  3. HETEROCYCLIC REACTIONS                                
  4. REAGENTS & NAME REACTIONS                        
  5. PERICYCLIC REACTIONS                                      
  6. PHOTOCHEMICAL REACTIONS                            
  7. REACTION MECHANISM                                      
  9. COORDINATION COMPOUNDS                            
  10. CHEMICAL BONDING                                           
  11. NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY                                          
  12. ORGANOMETALLIC COMPOUNDS                        
  13. BIO-INORGANIC CHEMISTRY                                 
  14. F-BLOCK ELEMENTS                                            
  15. MAIN GROUP ELEMENTS            
  16. SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY                                   
  17. CHEMICAL KINETICS                                           
  18. ELECTROCHEMISTRY                                   
  19. SURFACE CHEMISTRY                                           
  20. CHEMICAL THERMODYNAMICS                          
  21. STATISTICAL THERMODYNAMICS                        
  22. MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY                              
  23. GROUP THEORY                                                    


Total of 613 pages in the PDF covers more than 1000 questions from previous GATE Exam.

You can purchase the eBook by clicking on "BUY NOW" button below:

For any query related to ebook you can write us at: books.allboutchem[at]

This ebook, is an intellectual property of All 'Bout Chemistry and protected by Indian Copyright Act. It's for personal use only. You can't sell or distribute it without permission. If you need permission for other uses, contact Books.AllBoutChem[at]

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Tuesday, September 13

Noorul Huda

All Important Formulae for Solving General Aptitude Questions

 This post contains a list of all the important formulae required to solve General Aptitude questions in any competitive exams. The list contains following formulae:

1. Algebra

2. Sequence & Series

3. Permutation and Combinations

4. Test of divisibility.

5. Percentages

6. Profit and Loss

7. Time and Work

8. Pipes and Cistern

9. Time and Distance

10. Problems on Trains

11. Simple and Compound Interests

12. Logarithms

13. Area and Perimeter

14. Volume and Surface Area

Formulae including some short tricks are given in the PDF file attached below

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Sunday, January 9

Noorul Huda

10 New Questions to Practice: Chemical Thermodynamics

The following questions are from Chemical Thermodynamics topic, try to solve these questions first and then watch the attached video at the end for detailed solution. This series of questions will help to build problem solving approach and will be quite helpful for competitive exams preparation like CSIR NET, GATE, IIT-JAM etc. 

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Saturday, December 25

Noorul Huda

10 New Questions for Practice: Organometallic Compounds

 The following questions are from Coordination Chemistry topic, try to solve these questions first and then watch the attached video at the end for detailed solution. This series of questions will help to build problem solving approach and will be quite helpful for competitive exams preparation like CSIR NET, GATE, IIT-JAM etc.

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