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CSIR NEW EXAM PATTERN (Revised Exam Scheme)

From last few years CSIR was planning a change in its Entrance Exam Pattern to reduce competition and make examination a little bit more tough. On Feb 3rd 2017 a new Scheme is Published on CSIR website which suggests a few changes in previous exam pattern.

This post explains Major Changes and the things that are Not Changed in New Scheme.

The Screenshot of Official Notification is attached below:

 Things Not Changed in New Exam Scheme:

  1. Total Marks of Examination is still 200.
  2. Total Time Allowed for exam is still 3 hours.
  3. Part A of Question Paper still contains 20 Questions, out of which 15 are to be answered.
  4. As it was earlier All Questions are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
  5. Syllabus of Exam remains SAME.
  6. Negative Marking remains same i.e 25% of total marks of question.

Major Changes in Exam Pattern are:

  • Total Number of Questions in Part B is reduced to 40, out of which any 35 are to be answered. (earlier it was total of 50 questions out of which any 35 were to be answered)
  • Total Number of Questions in Part C is reduced to 60, out of which any 25 are to be answered. (earlier it was total of 75 questions out of which 25 were to be answered)

 Click Here to Download Syllabus Chemical Science

 Wish You all the best for upcoming exams !!!

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